The proposal is to participate in an improvisation and composition, dance and physical theatre workshops, led by Jordi L Vidal, with the aim of creating a show, presented to an audience, in ...
"Move (the) inside and (the) outside" Creating in and with public spaces Dance and physical theatre improvisation and composition workshop with Jordi L. Vidal A creative journey & a surprising exploration to ...
Dance & Physical Theatre & Clown Improvisation and Composition Workshop “DANCE – HUMOUR – GAMES” With Jordi L. Vidal What if the most powerful humour lay less in our words than in ...
Dance and physical theatre Improvisation and composition workshop with final presentation This program allows participants to acquire new skills for the creation and composition of choreographic material: for dance, circus, street theatre, ...
“The Body: Its Potential and Its Specificities” Based on the development of each participant’s potential, this course allows for improvement in the learning of dance techniques. It gives them the possibility to ...
Weekly workshops based on our show "Chrysalis" Dance, rhythm and physical theater, the use of materials, ropes, papers ... So many tools and textures for children to play with, experience, embody, to ...
All the workshops taught by our company’s team are for everyone (or “for the general public”) (amateurs and professionals) from 6 years old upwards. "ACROBATIC MOVEMENT, FALLS AND PARTNER-WORK” WORKSHOP WITH ANTHONY ...
Agenda Workshops

From 28 Oct till 01 Nov 2019
Dance clown humour workshop
Info and registration at Espace Catastrophe, Jeux de Piste Brussels

January 2020 Research Lab and final public presentation
In the frame of La Faktoria Pamplona, Spain

April 2020 (Dates TBC)
Outdoors public space creations workshop
in the frame of Poetic Invasion Teatru Radu Stanca, Sibiu, Romania

25, 26 April + 09, 10 May + 16, 17 May + 20, 21 May 2020
Outdoors public space creations workshop
organize by CAR Centre Des Arts de la Rue Ath, Belgium

From 04 till 8 May 2020
Outdoors public space creations workshop "Fantastic Village People
in the frame of Poetic Invasion La Strada Bremen, Germany


Past workshops / Stages réalisés / Talleres realizados:




Workshops References

Here are the feedbacks from some participants of the workshops:

« you made me leave the whirl of life to enter the whirl of dance, humor and freedom. » Françoise.

« We danced, we played, we laughed, we cried, we inhabited this space which for five days colored emotions. All this with respect: magnificient ! " Federica, actress

« Your course is really well built, always progressive and very rich. Your eye and your sensitivity helps us to advance in the construction of a scene so that it becomes unique. » Carine, clown

"Last night I felt that what we had worked resonated in my daily life. " Camille

« I was very impressed with the management of the group. We were always in motion, always solicited. » Kyung, storyteller

« I found remarkable how fast you could see with a sharp eye what you can do with a scene by placing it elsewhere and change a few details and how this can improve it. » Jessica, puppeter

« I admire the lightness with which he arrives to offer a complete panorama of all the dimensions to be considered in the elaboration of a spectacle. I find it brilliant! :-) » Laurence

« Each exercise brings us to the goal you set and in a positive atmosphere. An attitude that makes you feel at ease and allows you to dare » Violine

« My body was different, fullest ... and it feels very nice. I really appreciated all the work that you’ve proposed us, the increase in the discovery, exploration and travel, always open to play. I will continue to explore it and exploit it on stage. » 
Valerie, actress 

« The improvisations that alternated work as a couple, alone, in small groups, etc.. This gives a good momentum and rhythm training »
Maika, circus artist

« I didn’t censored myself, I was able to enter to my internal space and understand some paths to develop my personal creativity. » 
Marie Dominique, osteopath and psychotherapist

"I loved working with you because I believe that from simple materials and daily life movements, we compose and understand deep technical tools that are part of the basis of dance" 
Marie, dancer and choreographer

« I want to thank you for your generosity to share a lot of info! You help me not only re open my body but also my heart, my look, my listening, my creativity ... »
 Astrid, dancer, actress and puppet performer

« Very good moments spent with you this weekend. You're awesome! Thank you also for my students who find your work very interesting and were very sensitive to your presence .. This share will make its way ... »
 Aude, artistic director of the school and the Butoh dance company Totemm

« Your generosity helped me a lot in a moment of my life that is very difficult. It was a beautiful meeting with you and the group and I wished to tell you so » 
Veronique, school teacher

« I must say I came out happy and well nourished. Thank you. I loved your sensibility and your heart. » 
Nini, artistic director of « L’Elastique Citrique » circus centre, Nyon,