Creation workshop

The proposal is to participate in an improvisation and composition, dance and physical theatre workshops, led by Jordi L Vidal, with the aim of creating a show, presented to an audience, in a indoor and / or outdoor place / theatre.

The duration can vary, from one week to several weekends.

The performance material comes from guided improvisations and subsequently, it is developed and enriched throughout the sessions.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the process of creating a show in a way that is respectful of the personality of each participant, with both a high standards of quality and everyone’s commitment.

The central topic of this project is each participant’s dreams.

It is based on a common connection for everyone: the body and its expression, its presence, its spatial significance, its conscious and unconscious images… therefore, its own language.

It is dedicated to everyone from 18 years old (amateurs and professionals) willing to explore their creativity together with their physicality.

It is developed through positive thinking, to encourage the idea that from a "real" interest, need, desire ... everyone can play and any movement is performative.

As a result, participants, amongst other things, will:
(re) discover their own movement expression and (re) develop their personality, as well develop their own creative potential.
(re) learn, through being present " Here And Now” to connect their imagination to their body’s movement.

After the final presentation, each participant is not only invited to a friendly meal all together, but also gets a free copy of the photos taken during the presentation by a professional photographer and a copy of the professional video capture of the show.

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Agenda Creation workshop


03 November 2018 at A La Courte Echelle Liège, Belgium

29 June 2018 in the frame of Poetic Invasion Sibiu, Romania

26 May 2018 In the frame of Poetic Invasion Montegranaro and Fermo, Italy

02 april 2017 at Theatre Marni Brussels

05th November 2016 at Theatre Le Moderne Liege, Belgium

27th March 2016 at GC De Linde, Brussels

08th March 2015 at Theatre Montagne Magique Brussels

04th November 2011 in the frame of "Dense Bamako Danse festival" Mali, Africa

Creation workshop References

"Thank you for this wonderful adventure full of wonderful encounters, emotions, feelings, creativity, and pure happiness." Aurélie, schoolteacher

"I loved the group dynamics: the listening there was between us, the good mood, confidence, the diversity between us ... as always with your super positive spirit and your rigorous work mix with your madness." Loic, socio cultural animator

"First, thank you for making me live a beautiful experience, to have believed and making us feel so loved! In the final presentation, I felt supported by the audience and the group, I felt that everything breathed kindness. To listen oneself and the others, to be fully present, reactive and generous .... a great program that I loved !" Anne

"I loved the workshops you made us live (...) it was bright, invigorating, playful, intelligent, subtle, intense, strong." Bénédicte

"Thank you for having conducted this training with great professionalism, both in creativity and in direction." Annick, school teacher

"I’ve got to meet and get to know beautiful people with very different backgrounds and very rich life experience." Christel

"Thank you and all the participants for this great adventure which greatly helped me in my personal reconstruction. That gave me confidence in me and allowed me to reconnect with my body and my physicality." Laetitia

“Already a week that the workshop is finished and I still think about it ... What a beautiful week! Great experience! A very nice group, beautiful encounters, a common energy ... And then a huge thank you for your investment, your confidence, your encouragement, to have believed in each of us, to have allowed us to go on stage after only 5 days of work, and, according to the echoes of our benevolent relatives, it work wonderfully!” Marie, physiotherapist

“I loved the exercises that you proposed with each time a way to go further, the tools of creation and reflection that you brought. The timing seemed to me tip-top too.” Solange

“It was a very interesting work for me. I was afraid to live hard things emotionally, but in fact not at all. It was joyful, playful, pleasant, soothing, even. I like the way you work. Rythmic and sustained but still relaxed. I liked that there is not too much blabla but above all the action, the "faire", to be able to observe others, to test, to check. Not to be too many but enough to have energy circulating.” Fanny, musician

“A thousand thanks for this unique experience that you allowed us to do. For me it was a golden opportunity to get back into the realm of performing arts and creating the way I love above all, that is, positively!” Celine, cinema programmer