Dance humor clown

Dance & Physical Theatre & Clown
Improvisation and Composition Workshop


With Jordi L. Vidal

What if the most powerful humour lay less in our words than in our body? Creativity and physicality come into friction: to tickle the senses, and to multiply fantasy and irony.

Everyone agrees on the concept of 'stage presence'. Undeniably, the power and the depth of any interpreter are also transmitted via a relationship with the body. And if from this physical energy we explore movement as a source of game and humour?


★ Starting from your physical energy to explore movement as a source of Play & Sharing.

★ To acquire new improvisational & composition tools and skills and choreographies.

★ To encourage the idea that from a "real" interest, need, desire ... any movement is performative.

★ To explore movement that becomes source of humour. A humour sometimes burlesque or ironic, sometimes dreamlike or poetic…

★ To find new sources of inspiration through your actions.

★ Through being present " Here And Now” to connect your imagination to your body’s movement.


The working sessions are composed of:

★ Guided improvisations: as a way to research and develop as much as analyse, understand and enlarge your performing experience.

★ Using props, costumes, pictures, texts, music, videos ... so that, all those elements can contaminate and trigger your imagination.

★ Instant compositions
Create scenes, scenic materials and choreographic phrases. Consciousness & assimilation of the improvisations thanks to scenic creation tools

★ The pedagogy is the result of synthesizing experiences of Contemporary Dance, Feldenkrais, Release, Contact Improvisation, “Masque Neutre”, Clown, Physical Theatre etc. techniques, and my learning over years of practice and research, both on technical and philosophical levels.

Target audience: from 18 to 100 years old!
Amateurs: Experience in improvisation and / or performing arts is always welcome.
Professionals: performing arts (circus, dance, theater ...)

What to bring:
A supple [clothing & shoes] outfit so you can move easily.
Have paper & a pen to take notes.