site specific tailor made

Dance and physical theatre show/performances conducted by Jordi L. Vidal, tailor-made on site, according to the space and the frame they will be played in. These formulas are highly adaptable to different technical circumstances and it can be played outdoors or indoors, day or night.

These projects can be adapted to different topics. We have already tackled the issues of transformation, dreams, the other: barriers and limits, diversity...

We like to create with the local population. It is designed for everyone from 18 to 100 years old! (amateurs and professionals) who is willing to explore their creativity together with their physicality.

The minimum length is one week, Monday to Saturday or Sunday, 8h x day.

During this period, we will carry out laboratories in dance and physical theatre on the chosen theme. These experiences are a mix between workshops, pedagogical learning and rehearsals on one side, and artistic and performative aspects on the other.

The performance’s material comes out of guided improvisations and is subsequently developed and enriched throughout the sessions.

It is based on a common point for everyone: the body and its expression, its presence, its spatial significance, its conscious and unconscious images ... therefore its own language.

It is developed with a positive perspective, to encourage the idea that from a "real" interest, need, desire ... everyone can play and any movement is performative.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the process of creating a show in a respectful way on the personality of each one and both with high standards of quality and everyone’s commitment.

The goals are, amongst others:
• Participants have a" Here And Now” presence, through connecting their imagination to the movement of their body.
• That they will (re) discover their own movement expression and to (re) develop their personality as well as their own creative potential.
• Creations in resonance with the chosen place and theme.
• Original and contemporary works and at the same time, universal.

Following the final performance each participant is invited to a friendly meal together and also receives a free copy of the video footage and photos taken during the performance by photographic and audiovisual professionals.

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site specific tailor made Videos
In-situ creation in Liege

teaser atelier creation from Jordi L. Vidal on Vimeo.

Site specific and tailor made creations

Site specific and tailor made creations from Jordi L. Vidal on Vimeo.

Agenda site specific tailor made

Pending / Option / Por confirmar
Oct 2024. Dates TBC
Medical Humanities ULB - Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

April and May 2022 Dates TBC organise by MCA and CAR Centre Des Arts de la Rue Ath, Belgium

August 2021 as part of Poetic Invasion GC De Huys, Brussels, Belgium

October 2021 as part of Poetic Invasion Teatru Radu Stanca, Sibiu, Romania

January 2020 at La Faktoria Pamplona, Spain

From 18th till 23rd March 2019 as part of Poetic Invasion Veregra Festival Montegranaro, Italy

From 25th till 29th March 2019 as part of Poetic Invasion La Strada Bremen, Germany

June 2018 as part of Poetic Invasion Teatru Radu Stanca Sibiu, Romania

May 2018 as part of Poetic Invasion Veregra Festival Montegranaro, Italy

March 2018 at Cité Miroir Liège, Belgium

April 2017 Theatre Marni Brussels

November 2016 at Theatre Le Moderne Liege, Belgium

March 2016 at GC De Linde, Brussels

March 2015 at Theatre Montagne Magique Brussels

November 2011 as part of "Dense Bamako Danse festival" Mali, Africa

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"Thank you for this wonderful adventure full of wonderful encounters, emotions, feelings, creativity, and pure happiness." Aurélie, schoolteacher

"I loved the group dynamics: the listening there was between us, the good mood, trust, the diversity between us ... as always with your super positive spirit and your rigorous work mixed with madness." Loic, socio cultural animator

"Firstly, thank you for making me live such a beautiful experience, to have believed and made us feel so loved! In the final presentation, I felt supported by the audience and the group, I felt that everything breathed kindness. To listen to oneself and to others, to be fully present, reactive and generous .... a super program that I loved !" Anne, painter

"I loved the experience you made us live (...) it was radiant, invigorating, playful, intelligent, subtle, intense, strong." Bénédicte "Thank you for having conducted this project with great professionalism, both in creativity and in direction." Annick, school teacher

"I was able to meet and get to know beautiful people with very different backgrounds and very rich life experiences." Christel, gymnastics teacher

"Thank you and all the participants for this great adventure which greatly helped me in my personal reconstruction. That gave me confidence in myself, and allowed me to reconnect with my body and my physicality." Laetitia

“Already a week that it is finished and I still think about it ... What a beautiful week! Great experience! A very nice group, beautiful encounters, a common energy ... And then a huge thank you for your investment, your confidence, your encouragement, to have believed in each of us, to have allowed us to go on stage after only 5 days of work, and, according to the echoes of our benevolent relatives, it worked wonderfully!” Marie, physiotherapist

“I loved the laboratories that you proposed, each time with a way to go further, the tools of creation and reflection that you brought. The timing seemed to me tip-top as well.” Solange

“It was a very interesting work for me. I was afraid to live hard things emotionally, but in fact not at all. It was joyful, playful, pleasant, soothing even. I like the way you work. Rythmic and sustained but still relaxed. I liked that there is not too much blabla but above all the action, the "doing", to be able to observe others, to test, to live it. Not to be too many but enough to have energy circulating.” Fanny, musician

“A thousand thanks for this unique experience that you allowed us to have. For me it was a golden opportunity to get back into the realm of performing arts and creating the way I love above all, that is, positively!” Celine, cinema programmer