Indoor & Outdoor Movement

"Move (the) inside and (the) outside"
Creating in and with public spaces

Dance and physical theatre improvisation and composition workshop

with Jordi L. Vidal

A creative journey & a surprising exploration to move and make the environment around us resonate by living it in a new way.

(Re) discovering original and unusual solutions to obstacles, barriers, architectural constraints so, that they become allies and playing partners.


★ Starting from your physical energy, to explore various public places [park, tram stop...] in order to develop your creativity.

★ To acquire new improvisational & composition tools and skills and choreographies.

★ Work with the body and its expression, its presence, its spatial significance, its conscious and unconscious images …therefore, its own language.

★ (further) increase your body’s movement spectrum.

★ (re) connect your physicality with your own creativity, as well as to find new sources of inspiration through your actions.

★ From each participant’s imagination, this training will be the catalyst for theatrical proposals.


The working sessions are composed of:

★ Guided improvisations: as a way to research and develop as much as analyse, understand and enlarge your performing experience.

★ Using props, costumes, pictures, texts, music, videos ... so that, all those elements can contaminate and trigger your imagination.

★ Instant compositions
Create scenes, scenic materials and choreographic phrases. Consciousness & assimilation of the improvisations thanks to scenic creation tools

The pedagogy is the result of the synthesizing experiences of Contemporary Dance, Feldenkrais, Release, Contact Improvisation, “Masque Neutre”, Clown, Physical Theatre etc. techniques, and my learning over years of practice and research, both on technical and philosophical levels.

Participants: from 18 to 100 years old!
Amateurs: Experience in improvisation and / or performing arts is always welcome.
Professionals: performing arts (circus, dance, theatre ...)

What to bring:
A supple [clothing & shoes] outfit so you can move easily indoors and outdoors.
Have paper & a pen to take notes.

Indoor & Outdoor Movement Pictures