Indoor & Outdoor Movement

"Move (the) inside and (the) outside"
Creating in and with public spaces

Dance and physical theatre improvisation and composition workshop

with Jordi L. Vidal

Move the inside towards outside or vice versa. To rise and to express our inner feelings outwards or how the outside can touch us.

To explore on physical theatre and dance through site-specific creations (in a cafeteria, a cloakroom, a hall…)

From each participant’s imagination, this training will be the catalyst for theatrical proposals.

To (re) discover what’s at stake for the performer that plays (and has fun) with public space, and thus provoke thought upon:
• Which new relations are established between the performer and their audience?
• How to move the audience while playing?
• Which presence is needed?

Move and make the environment around them resonate by living it in a new way. (Re) discovering surprising and unusual solutions to obstacles, barriers, architectural constraints so, that they become allies and playing partners.

(Re) master the keys and tools necessary to be able to move and create movement from an idea or dramaturgy. By using props, costumes, pictures, texts, music, videos ... so that, all those elements can contaminate and trigger their imagination.

Material proposed by and with each participant: the tools that will be used are guided improvisations - as a field of research, and as a means to analyze, understand, expand their experience of different creative movement techniques and composition. The tools also define, state, realize, confront…their proposals.

The aim of this work is that the interpreter can find means, resources, tools ... to develop their proposals in the public space, and that they (the public? The participant? Not sure what you mean) interact with their creativity and vice versa.

The final action is a presentation / performance in a public space with the proposals of each participant.

Indoor & Outdoor Movement Pictures