mots e mouvants

“Moving words”

Physical theater and writing workshops

Improvisation, creation and final public presentation

By Italia Gaeta and Jordi L. Vidal


Curious about the alliance of performing arts and writing?

So don't hesitate, this is for you! Theses workshops / labs combining movement and writing.

The association of gesture and word to talk about departure, rebirth, loss and all the forms of small and big deaths that cross our existence.

A work full of finesse and poetry. The different workshops will focus on each everyone's personal story. They will take place with respect and listening.


They will culminate in a final public presentation performed by the participants and specially designed to the place we will presented it.

This program is part of the research developed thanks to the FWB-Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles "Un Futur Pour la Culture - Territoires de création" grant.
With the support of the Bruegel Library Brussels.

★ Open to everyone from 18 years old, with a regular practice in the performing arts (circus, dance, theater, clown, storytelling...) Priority will be given to those who can participate in the entire project.

Language: French


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Agenda mots e mouvants

Du 04 au 08 mars 2024
A la Ferme Rose et Bibliothèque Le Phare, Uccle
Inscriptions ICI

21, 28 Sept. + 05, 12, 19 Oct. 2022 Workshops / Ateliers
26 Oct + 02 Nov 2022 Public presentations
Project awarded by "Un futur pour la culture"
At Bibliothèque Bruegel Brussels, Belgium

mots e mouvants References

Delighted to have taken part in the creative process nourished back and forth between movement and writing around this theme (mourning, separation) which allowed me to transform wounds into tools to create, transcend and open up possibilities.
Penny (body expression workshops facilitator)

I really appreciated the way you led the workshops with a lot of kindness, gentleness, laughter and joy. Marie (circus teacher)

Thanks to Italia and Jordi for setting up a cool and non-rigid framework where we can search together and enjoy each other.
Nicholas (musician)


I am very happy to have participated in this very inspiring workshop, which took us on a dance of words, emotions, to silence the mind and let speak our bodies. By giving birth to a new language, a new way of writing and moving. A new impetus of life, of creativity, which encourages me to dare to go to the heart of my project, to precisely put words in motion...
Véronique (actress)

I really enjoyed the back and forth between the body and the writing. The mix of these 2 approaches has nourished my most accurate expression at myself. I liked having more interior moments and others more exterior. In the same way, I really appreciated the dimension of contact with the other(s) >< personal feelings.
Amandine (teacher)