Dance and physical theatre
Improvisation and composition workshop with final presentation

This program allows participants to acquire new skills for the creation and composition of choreographic material: for dance, circus, street theatre, stage theatre, concert… projects.

It’s dedicated to everyone who has a good level and experience in movement and improvisation and is willing to explore his/her creativity in movement construction and development.

From and with participants’ material, the teaching tools are guided improvisations. These are used as a way to research and develop, as well as analyse, understand, (re) discover and enlarge their experience of diverse choreographic and compositional techniques.

The teaching tools are, amongst others:
-rhythm, tempo (recurrence-resolution, crescendo-decrescendo…),
-space (amplification, volume, levels, projection…),
-weight and its movement
-isolation, body joints/segments
-theatrical aspects of the movement, physical theatre
-from and with pictures, text, movies…
-with the addition of voice, music, partner, object, “double layer”…

Once the phrases are developed, participants experience them in order to find / to create new projections, shapes…and unexpected, surprising meanings.

It is based on a common connection for everyone: the body and its expression, its presence, its spatial significance, its conscious and unconscious images …therefore, its own language.

To be able to participate in this workshop, participants have to be present every day and bring 3 movement phrases on the first day:

-Phrase 1: has to be composed of lines /angular movements. They can be related to sports, army, any abstract contemporary dance or martial arts. Clear, precise, clean and articulate movements.

-Phrase 2: has to be composed of movements from everyday life.

-Phrase 3: movements composed of curves, circles, spirals. Related to sea, waves, hurricanes…Very organic.

As well as these, participants have to bring pictures, movies excerpts, text…related to this material.