news winter 2017

Following our sparkling street première in Dortmund and Brussels, and the lovely indoor version in Ath, Belgium. The show La Rencontre has received highly positives feedbacks.

This it is an original, visual and dynamic show that combines acrobatics, dance and physical theatre.

Love, friendship, rivalry, jealousy, seduction, support…the topic of this project is the meetings diversity in everyday life.

Come and enjoy this show on 12th February 2017 at 7pm
at Sonicville Brussels.
In the frame of "Sérénade au Balcon / aan Balcon"

Have you seen OOups yet?
Find the video that demonstrates the public's enthusiasm after a representation Here

We have already pending options to play in UK, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain…I'll keep you posted!

"Aaarrrhhh !!!" is the project to create an original and multidisciplinary show combining contemporary dance, objects theatre, puppetry, live music (cello) and graphics arts. 

The topic of this project is death. Uyyyyy !!!!!
We will explore the wide range of emotions surrounding death and not just sadness. Death provoking in us great impulses and energies of life. No finiteness but rather as a new and exciting period that comes up. As a renewal and not as a loss.

Within this project we are collaborating with Montse Gisbert creative graphic arts workshops, Marie-Ghislaine Losseau puppets, Bernard Clair specialist in puppetry and objects theatre, and the musicien and dancer Flora Gaudin

This project has the support of Espace Catastrophe Brussels

Actually we are doing labs periods in order to prepare its creation next fall.

We just have realize a Creation Workshop and a wonderful public final presentation at Théâtre Le Moderne on the topic of “The other: limits and barriers”

We are currently working on the same theme with a group of highly creative stage arts professionals and amateurs this time in Brussels.

CU on Sunday, 02nd April, 2017 at 5 :30pm at Théâtre Marni to enjoyed the public final presentation.

From 27th February till 03rd March 2017 a workshop on the theme “play & humour” is proposed for anyone who wishes to explore their creativity with their movement.

And if the most powerful humour lay less in our words than in our body? Creativity & Physicality come into friction to tickle the senses and multiply fantasy & irony.

Curious? Click at Jeux de Piste Espace Catastrophe Brussels

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Hope to CU very soon!
Jordi L. Vidal