thanks to

I take this opportunity to once again thank you to all those who contributed directly or indirectly to our success! You will find a non-exhaustive list below and my apologies if on along this path I forgot to mention some protagonists.

Many thanks to:
Gaspard Herblot and Anthony Lefebvre, “OOups!” wise co-authors and impressive performers
Viola Dilauro et Amanda Da Silva Ruzzi for their kind translations
Aline Claus, a great costume and props designer in “OOups!”
David Vossen rich performer and intense co-author of "Oxymoron"
Vania D'Angelo and Kevin Troussart loyal and highly professional performers of "Chrysalis"
François-Xavier Randour for his wisdom and precise advice
Michou Swennen "master " in dance and choreographic composition
Louis Spagna for his excellence in direction and acting skills advice in “Oxymoron”
Mariano Bolfarini for his creative advice and support
Isabel Carbajal for her clear and accurate translations
Nicolas Simon for his extraordinary video recordings of performances (and all those DVD copies!)
Christophe Lecoq great light designer and efficient light and sound technician and excellent video recordings
Marie Ghislaine Losseau for his help in the creation of costumes and stage props
Marine Liard for her great photos and her help as a tour manager
Peter Helmut Lang, an excellent composer
Benjamin Van Thiel for his perfect stage lighting plans
Jerome Perez and Julie Bekkari super technicians
Aude Ottevanger, Bertrand Sombsthmy, Thomas Israel, Rinus De Wilde, Gerard Franck for their lovely help in “Taiteul”
Benoit and Emilie Vossen for their very useful photos and graphic design in “Oxymoron”
Graziella Boggiano and her unique voice in “Piano Fortissimo”
Monica Moure and her nice translations
Caroline Cybula, a great performer and collaborator
Celine Brynart, rich creativity
Noemi Raitano for her very fair press reviews
Benjamin Hubin for his sound editing help
Mathieu Goedefroot, effective and creative graphic designer
And to everyone who in one way or another helped us, or just came to see our shows.

We would also like to thank the organizations with which we’ve collaborated and that who have helped our work, amongst others:
Catherine Magis, Benoit Litt and the whole team of Espace Catastrophe, with whom we’ve been working together since 1997 (workshops, performances, residencies, studio hire, logistical and administrative support, advices... )
Oonagh Duckworth & Le Bal Moderne, a collaboration since 2003 with many fine results! Thank you to Christine Tinlot, Marie Angibaud Joke Quaghebeur, choreographers - dancers and assistants as well.
Jeanne Pigeon, Julie Gits, Nathalie Sparino, Stefan Chooner and Floriane Palumbo and all the Théâtre Montagne Magique’s team who programmed with full of respect and love, four of our company’s shows.
Alain Coulon and CAR Ath, who gave us the chance to do 3 of our street version premieres in their very friendly festival "Sortilèges" in addition to co-productions and residencies
Thim Vandecauter from GC De Kroon Brussels for his huge professional support.

But the list continues with:
Jessica Batazaqui, Julia von Wild and Kathrin Bahr Zweifellos Germany, Ederson and Mirtes Calheiros Visoes Urbanas Sao Paolo, Emmanuelle Ruwet and Rue de Bocage Herve, Jan Victoor and Gevleugelde Stad Ieper, Lieve Van Cauwenberge and Festival Boulev’art Dendermonde, Franck Wilson UK, All Sibiu International Theatre Festival team 2014, Emma and La Roseraie Brussels, Tanja Ruiter and Huub Heye HHProducties, Angus Mackenhie and Vera Eterenburg Watch This Space London, Pierre Kolp, James Pidgeon, France Debaere and Wolubilis, Marie Christine Baeyens and Sara Lemaire La Maison du Cirque, Emmanuelle Nieuland, Olivier Minet and Latitude 50 team, Youri Messen de Monde and Cirque Genève, MiramirO, Stéphanie Pecourt and WBDT, Florence Grosjean, WBI Wallonie Bruxelles International, Fani Benages Barcelona, Christophe Carpentier and Lise and Belgart, Ana Rita Barata and Voarte Lisbon, Christophe Blandin and Culture O Centre France, Dzoni and Anica FIAT Montenégro, Aleksandra and Andreas Calanchi festival San Marino, Hanne Van Waeyenberge , Sandrine de Luz La Plateforme France, Olga Alvarez, Natalia Medina and Masdanza Gran Canaria, Michel Caserta and Biennale Nationale de Danse du VDM, Guillaume Baschet-Sueur and Artemrede Portugal…

Not to mention all the people who contributed to our campaign "Support for OOups tour" on the super crowdfunding platform Kiss Kiss Bank Bank was a success!
Our eternal gratitude to:
Ives Thuwis, Susanne Bentley, Susana Lopez Vidal, Carmen Vidal Bielsa, Jordi Gonzalez Lopez, Mlle Pepita Jiménez, M. Rudy Aerts, Trinidad Lopez Vidal, Dominique Simon, Elisabeth Ruiz Fernández - ANTIC TEATRE, Antonio Blanco , Maria Dolores Pedrosa, Meri torrelles, Naomi Raitano, Miren Irigaray, Florianne Mossoux, Carine Luyckx