Temporality shaken conferences

The objective of this project is to combine neurosciences and the performing arts, giving a particular importance to the sharing of knowledge in order to create a favourable framework for future collaborations.

Direction and coordination: Jordi Vidal.

Lecturer: by Jonas Chatel-Goldman, neuroscience researcher and artist.

Artistic documentation: Martina Cabanas Collell

This Project is supported by #ProgramaVENTANA – AECID and the Cultural and Scientific Council of the Spanish Embassy in Belgium.

These interactive classes are aimed at artists from various disciplines in the performing arts (music, theater, dance, or film) There is no particular expectation of a final result or performance.

Find the full description of this project here

The language for exchange will be English (without translation or subtitles)

We are very flexible with regards to attending the conferences: artists can register to one or as many master-classes they wish, according to their availability and preferences:

Dates in 2021:

Nov 09th (4pm-6pm) Journey in the brain through visual perception

Nov 16th (4pm-6pm) Neuroscience of affective touch

Nov 30th (4pm-6pm) Feel it in your gut? interoception: the sense of body awareness

Dec 07th (6pm-8pm) Interpersonal synchrony - two-body neuroscience

Dec 14th (4pm-6pm) Consciousness hacking - the future of human flourishing ?

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Temporality shaken conferences Videos
Temporality project: shaken conferences

Temporality project: Shaken conferences from Jordi L. Vidal on Vimeo.