Spring 2011


Although my career as a professional artist began in 1989, I would start this newsletter by making an assessment on the last 8 years with over 300 performances already done in Europe where I put all my energy, all my hopes ... to serve this great adventure!

I take this opportunity to once again thank you as well as all those who contributed directly or indirectly to this success! You will find a non-exhaustive list below and my apologies if on along this path I forgot to mention some protagonists...

But that's not all, the life of our shows and the company continue to exist. You can find at www.jordiLvidal.net and / or in the file here attached, information relating of. Feel free to contact us if you wish to come see us and / or if you need more information.

At AGENDA you can find info about our coming representations and workshop list in April, May, June, July…2011

Many thanks to:
David Vossen rich performer and intense co-author of "Oxymoron" www.davidvossen.net
Vania D'Angelo and Kevin Troussart loyal and highly professional performers of "Chrysalis"
François-Xavier Randour for his wisdom as www.coach-therapeute.com
Michou Swennen "master " in dance and choreography composition
Louis Spagna for its excellence in direction and acting skills advises
Mariano Bolfarini for his creative advises and support
Isabel Carbajal for her clear and accurate translations
Nicolas Simon for his extraordinary performance’ video recordings (and all those DVD copies!)
Christophe Lecoq great light designer and efficient light and sound technician
Marie Ghislaine Losseau for his help in the creation of costumes and stage props
Marine Liard for her great photos and her help as a tour manager
Peter Helmut Lang, an excellent composer
Benjamin Van Thiel for its perfect stage lighting plans
Jerome Perez and Julie Bekkari super technicians
Benoit and Emilie Vossen and their very useful photos and graphic design
Graziella Boggiano and her unique voice
Monica Moure and her translations
Sandrine and her photos
Caroline Cybula, a great performer and collaborator
Celine Brynart, rich creativity
Noemi Raitano and her very fair press reviews
Benjamin Hubin and his sound editing help
Mathieu Goedefroot, effective and creative graphic designer
And to everyone who in one way or another helped us, or just come see us shows.

We would also like to thank the organizations with which we’ve collaborated and that they’ve help our work, among others:
Catherine Magis, Benoit Litt and the whole team of Espace Catastrophe, with whom we’ve been working together since the last 13 years (workshops, performances, residencies, studio let, logistical and administrative support, advices... )
Oonagh Duckworth Le Bal Moderne, a collaboration since the last 8 years with many fine results! Thank you to Christine Tinlot, Marie Angibaud Joke Quaghebeur, choreographers - dancers and assistants.
Jeanne Pigeon, Julie Gits, Nathalie Sparino and all the Théâtre Montagne Magique’s team who programmed with full of respect and love, 3 performances of the company.
Tanja Ruiter and Huub Heye HHProducties with whom we share the exciting but sometimes cumbersome task of selling and booking.
Emma and Christine and La Roseraie, where we’ve been so well rehearsing
Alain Coulon and CAR Ath, who gave us the chance to do 2 of our street version premieres in his very friendly festival "Sortilèges" in addition to co-productions and residencies
But the list continues with Jean-Pierre Houet and Conchita Fernandez of CC Engis, Alain Smitz of Chassepierre, France Debaere and Daphné Liberatore Fêtes Romanes, Benoit Van Oost and Marie Christine Baeyens and Sara Lemaire and La Maison du Cirque, Emmanuelle and Thomas and CC Bastogne, Jean-Pierre and Fabrice and CC Nassogne, Olivier Latitude 50, Youri Messen de Monde and Cirque Genève, MiramirO, , Olga Fraile and Cuarta Pared, Stéphanie Pecourt and Corinne and Ismael and WBDT, Florence Grosjean and WBI Wallonie Bruxelles International, Fani Benages and Fréderique, Christophe Carpentier and Lise and Belgart, Ana Rita Barata and Rodrigo and Voarte Lisbon, Nati Bull and Danza Trayectos, Christophe Blandin and Culture O Centre France, Dzoni and Anica and FIAT Montenégro, Bruno Delmotte and La Maison de Culture de Tournai, Aleksandra and Andreas and Calanchi festival San Marino, Hanne Van Waeyenberge and Parts, Sandrine de Luz and La Plateforme France, Olga Alvarez and Festival Dansa També Espagne, Fernando Lima and Electrica Proyectos Culturales, Natalia Medina and Masdanza Gran Canaria, Michel Caserta and Biennale Nationale de Danse du VDM, An Joseph and De Warande Turnhout, Guillaume Baschet-Sueur and Artemrede Portugal…

CU very soon!
Jordi L. Vidal