solo antoine

A performance in object theatre and urban dance.

A graphic and visual piece.

A man is attracted to a new place. A cocoon that will transform it. This piece tells the birth of a new being, in a new world, where he will find his freedom of movement outside, without fear of any danger.


For general audiences. Schools and families welcome!

Outdoors and indoors

★ Very light technical rider
Costumes and props in only 1 suitcase


Lenght: 15 minutes
It can be play several times a day

This solo can be completed with our other shows and/or participatory activities with the public.

★ With the same team, we can also propose you:
• creative workshops in stage arts for adults and children with final public presentation

★ Supports:

For our travel expenses outside Belgium by WBI- Wallonia Brussels export agency

The Belgian and French Embassies and the French institutes and alliances have also supported us.


Direction, choreography: Jordi L. Vidal
Performer: Antoine Pedros
Props, costumes: Noelle Deckmyn
Photos: Matthias Walton, Natacha Guilitte
Video: David Noblet, Matthias Walton
Graphic designer: Emilie Eechaute

Coproduction: "Het Lab" Cultureel Centrum Hasselt

Creation residencies: Espace Catastrophe, MCA-CAR Centre d'arts de la rue, Cirqu'conflex Belgium

With the support of #ProgramaVENTANA – AECID and the Cultural and Scientific Council of the Spanish Embassy in Belgium

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solo antoine

Agenda solo antoine

December 2021
Creation laboratory / audition
At Espace Catastrophe Brussels, Belgium

January, February 2022
Creation residency
At Het Lab Cultureel Centrum Hasselt, Belgium

February 2022
Creation residency
At CAR-MCA Centre d'arts de la rue, Ath, Belgium

September 2022
Creation residency
At CAR-MCA Centre d'arts de la rue, Ath, Belgium

01 October 2022
work in progress presentation
Festival Les tailleurs Ecaussinnes, Belgium