public space creations

The other: links and barriers
Creating in and with public spaces

Lead by Jordi L. Vidal

This project consists in two parts.
1st one is a dance and physical theatre improvisation and composition workshop / laboratory and as result the 2nd one which is a final public presentation(s).

During the whole period the aim is to explore and create with and on public spaces on the topic "The Other: links and barriers"

From each participant’s creativity, this laboratory will be the catalyst for theatrical proposals for the final presentation(s).

Its goal is producing performances that create a dialogue with the urban space and its inhabitants.

It wills reinvent/imagine/investigate public space, temporarily transforming the places and the relational trajectories that run through them.

Public space conceived as a form of time and a research area, a horizon where the spectator can reconnect with the urban, historical, architectural and relational fabric of a specific place.

Move and make the environment resonate by living it in a new way. (Re) discovering surprising and unusual solutions to obstacles, barriers, architectural constraints so, that they become allies and playing partners.

Length: ideally the exploration lab is 6 days. 6h x day + days of public presentations.

Local participants: from 18 till 100 years old (amateurs and / or professionals) who are willing to explore their creativity with movement and have a regular artistic practice.

Public places: an apartment, a bus station, a square, a hospital…to be decided together

public space creations Videos
Public spaces lab and creation

Agenda public space creations

May 2022 as part of Festival Sortileges organize by CAR Centre Des Arts de la Rue Ath, Belgium

August 2021 as part of Poetic Invasion GC De Huys, Brussels, Belgium

Oct 2021 as part of Poetic Invasion Teatru Radu Stanca, Sibiu, Romania

January 2020 at La Faktoria Pamplona, Spain

From 18th till 23rd March 2019 as part of Poetic Invasion Veregra Festival Montegranaro, Italy

From 25th till 29th March 2019 as part of Poetic Invasion La Strada Bremen, Germany

June 2018 as part of Poetic Invasion Teatru Radu Stanca Sibiu, Romania

May 2018 as part of Poetic Invasion Veregra Festival Montegranaro, Italy

March 2018 at Cité Miroir Liège, Belgium

April 2017 Theatre Marni Brussels

November 2016 at Theatre Le Moderne Liege, Belgium

March 2016 at GC De Linde, Brussels

March 2015 at Theatre Montagne Magique Brussels

November 2011 as part of of "Dense Bamako Danse festival" Mali, Africa