Piano Fortissimo press reviews

Cristina Andrés. Diario de Cadiz. 08-11-08
« (…) Vidal is a good Observer of human reactions and of his states of mind…The dancer Rich skills allows him to use dance, physical theatre and clown to create new space situations and a wide range of emotions »

Jeanne Pigeon. Théâtre Montagne Magique Brussels 2007
"To see Vidal is a full and unique pleasure. A dancer but, not as other ones. He takes here the appearance of Mister-every-day, a bit naïf but full of good will, replacing in the last minute the unfortunate “danseur etoile”. Curious mix of contemporary dance, physical theatre and clown techniques, this peculiar performance base itself on the spontaneity of the movement, the every day gestures and the sensations felt by one and all in a situation of having to perform in front of an audience. Using the art of evocation of an emotional state by small signs and not expressing it in a realistic way, the partition that Vidal proposes invites the audience personal interpretation and imagination to open up. This international artist, offer a personal chorographical scope that is as surprising as exciting. His “Piano Fortissimo” is tender, moving, shining and funny."