So tasty…So exciting…So slurp!
Clown and Dance!
Visual show with a crazy sense of humor
In indoor (1H) and street version (35 minutes twice a day)
For all kind of audiences

"An unbearably strict dancer tries to initiate one of his pupils, exceptionally untalented, to an amazingly very contemporary ballet...is he going to succeed?"

With and by: Jordi L. Vidal and David Vossen in collaboration with Louis Spagna

This performance was created in Belgium thanks to
Espace Catastrophe, « Summer-Studios » program at Rosas-Parts, the rehearsal residence at La Roseraie and the coproduction of CAR Centre D’Arts De La Rue Ath.

Our projects may receive the support of Wallonie Bruxelles Internacional-WBI for its traveling expenses outside Belgium

Oxymoron Videos

Agenda Oxymoron


IN 2012
20 january 2012 at CC Chiny Florentville, Belgium www.beaucanton.be
22, 23, 24, 25 March at www.anticteatre.com Barcelona, Spain

IN 2011
25, 26 october 2011 at www.anticteatre.com Barcelona, Spain
27 october 2011 at www.casaelizalde.com Barcelona, Spain
02 december 2011 at www.teatrearta.com Mallorca, Spain

IN 2010
08 May at festival « Torderades » Sala Cultural la Quadra, Palautordera, Spain
06 February at CC Bastogne, Belgium

IN 2009
11 Nov. at www.theatremontagnemagique.be Brussels
27 May at festival « FIAT » Podgorica, Montenegro
10 May at CC Gembloux, Belgium
02, 03, 04, 05 February 2009 at festival « Voyages #4 » www.catastrophe.be Brussels

IN 2008
07, 08 June at festival « Ex-perimentions IX » www.catastrophe.be Brussels
11 Oct. at festival « Calanchi » www.bradipoteatar.com San Marino
23 Oct. at Sala Trono, Tarragona, Spain

Seleccionada en / Selected at / Sélectionnée au
Circuito 08 Teatros Alternativos de Espana at:
15 Oct. at Teatre Sans, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
31 Oct. and 01 Nov. at DT Espacio Escénico, Madrid, Spain
06, 07, 08, 09 Nov. at Sala Montacargas, Madrid, Spain
27, 28, 29, 30 Nov. at Sala Imperdible, Seville, Spain


IN 2012
15/06 Russin, Switzerland / Suisse / Suiza
24/06 Festival "Del Mundo", Maasmechelen, Belgium

IN 2011
23, 24 / 02 Selected to / Seleccionada at FETEN Gijon, Spain http://feten.gijon.es/
09, 10 / 04 april at festival www.gevleugeldestad.net Ieper, Belgium

IN 2010
28 August at festival « Convention Danse » www.ccengis.be Belgium
08 August at festival www.mondeducirque.ch Geneva, Switzerland

IN 2009
29 August at festival « Lugar a Dança » www.voarte.com Lisbon, Portugal
12 July at festival « Tilleuleries » CC Nassogne, Belgium
21 May at festival « Sortilèges » Ath, Belgium
Oxymoron Press Reviews
L'Avenir Luxembourg. Benoît GUEUNING. 13 July 2009
“Oxymoron and its irresistible choreographies delivered by two burlesque dancers.”

La Libre Belgique. Laurence Bertels. 23-09-09
“Jordi Vidal ” artist with an extended international professional background, that does not hesitate to shake up some rigidities of the contemporary dance. »

Feria FETEN. Cusamaco. March 6, 2011
The piece « Oxymoron » presented in Gijón by Cia. Jordi L. Vidal, is interesting because of the combination of dance theatre and clown, leaned on the daily life gestures, with a certain amount of improvisation and the use of the public space from the subtle and the small.

Feria FETEN. Artezblai. February 2011
A show that, as the literary figure tell us, includes the combination of two opposites, that is transmitted through contemporary dance technique applied to everyday gestures with a dash of humour

La Xarxa. Universitat de Barcelona. October 2008
The Catalan artist will come to ETC, as a resident choreographer, to present an open rehearsal of his two last works: “Oxymoron” and “Piano Fortissimo”. Two original and surprising pieces, a hybrid that combines dance, physical theatre, performance, circus and clown.

October 2008. Andrea Tamagnini. Festival Calanchi San Marino.
Here we can appreciate how the precise dance technique applied to daily movements can create emotion through a clever use of humour, producing a very well dosed cocktail that leaves the audience with a pleasant and surprising taste

March 2012, Antic Teatre Barcelona
It made me laugh, and this is a lot

June 2012, Festival Champetre CH
A contemporary ballet with a assured comical effect