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Thüringer Allgemeine 18-08-2008
“The combination of experimental music with perfect body control and theatrical power of expression created a symbiosis between the apparently contrary elements of music and staged performance and united them into a harmonious whole.”

Anna Schürmer. Thüringer Landeszeitung 18.11.2008
Yet those, who already had the opportunity to see the circus performance with contemporary music in August as part of the 7th international culture festival Junge Kunst in the Christus Pavillon at the Monastery Volkenroda, know of the captivating effect of this unusual project.


Sonja Walkiewicz. Kaskade/ 85. 2007
« (…) here can only serve as example of the tremendous vitality of the French circus scène and its willingness to experiment”


Frederic Borja. El Sol de Bélgica. 16-03-00
“It’s a delightful debate, elevated by Vidal choreography’s sensibility and his ingenious text”

Marc Cloostermans. De Standaard. 27-08-07
“(…) an energetic choreography is develop (…) generates strong impressions in the audience”