Ooups press reviews

"The soundtrack creates the atmosphere and the public is involved. The moral of the story is that money can affect our relationships and our environment."
MiramirO Festival. Niewsblad. Belgium

"A range of expressive techniques, visual and audible animates this show full of humor and action."
Jeanne Pigeon. Theatre Montagne Magique. Brussels

"Surprising the audience with exceptional physical strength acts."
Sibiu International Theatre Festival. Romania

"An intense and original demonstration of Beat Box, where this style is combined with acrobatics and juggling (…) An incredible diabolo’s lesson, combined with an acrobatic choreography. The result is absolutely brilliant."
Recomana.cat La Mostra Igualada. Spain

"They amazed Plovidv with acrobatics and juggling"
Black Box international festival, Bulgaria

“Language art is international. Hundreds of people gathered under the stairs of Kamenica, become part of that experience, and it was sublime.”
Kapana.bg Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Here are the feedbacks from the children between 8 and 10 years old, which came to see us with their school, in March 2014 at GC De Kroon, Brussels:


It was fun and cool. Everybody can see the performance because if you don't speak Dutch it's not bad because they don't talk, they do beat box and that's music.And flips, diabolo and acrobatics.

I really liked the performance because it was about money and I never saw this, it was exciting. I liked it because they played with a diabolo, beat box and money. It was fun and ridiculous at the same time.

I thought it was perfect because they made movements. The actors have done very nice movements. There was an acrobat, beat boxing, ..It was super and it's worth a look.