Le bal moderne

Participatory and interactive project!

Since 2003, Jordi L. Vidal has created 3 choreographies for Le Bal Moderne, which they have been presented more than 120 times all over Europe

It takes you on a journey to another planet with supernatural consequences on the way!
A light-hearted exploration of a close encounter
A dance that’s out of this world

Created together with Céline Brynart
Music: Theme from Miss Marple
Super Mission has as source of James Bond films, and the world of secret agents...

The choreography transforms the most distinguished examples of seduction of the animal kingdom. Beastie Attraction, when we as animals, we dance for the love.

The audience will be taught 3 dances of approximately 3 minutes each in the course of a Dance. Created especially for the Bal Moderne by a renowned or upcoming choreographer, each dance will be taught during a 45-minute period spent in a relaxed and festive atmosphere, unlike a conventional dance lesson or your average fashionable club.
More info at www.balmoderne.be

They were created thanks to Espace Catastrophe, Brussels.

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Agenda Le bal moderne


09 august 2014
at 40 ans de Camp De Partage
Ferme de Thibautienne, 5575 Gedinne. Belgium

IN 2013
25 may at Tour et Taxis, Brussels, Belgium

IN 2012
26 February 2012 at "Complexe Saint François" Marche (Ardennes) Belgium http://www.maisondelaculture.marche.be/activite/bal-moderne/
09 / 06 at Centre National De Danse Contemporaine, Angers, France http://www.cndc.fr/
17 / 06 at Festival Facyl, Salamanca, Spain http://www.facyl-festival.com/
08 / 07 at Park Elisabeth - Koekelberg, Brussels In the frame of PIQNIQBruxelicious
08, 09 / 09 Artista Na Cidade Lisboa, Portugal. In the frame of "Lisboa na Rua/EGEAC"

IN 2011
30 march festival "Inside.Out" Campus du Solbosch ULB Brussels www.opac-ulb.com
04 june at the festival www.excentrique.org/2011/ Mainvilliers, France
18, 19 august 20 august festival "Watch This Space National Theatre London www.nationaltheatre.org.uk
24 sept. Maison Communale Forest / Gemeentehuis Vorst. Brussel
25 sept. at "Regio Bal" festival in Liège, Belgium www.balmoderne.be

IN 2010
23 May at Grugapark Essen
+ 02 June at Ruhr University Böchum
+ 12 June at St. Anna Kirche Essen
+ 04 July at Park An Der Stadthalle Mülheim
+ 09 July at Theaterplatz Essen
organize by Theater Del Welt Essen, D
in the frame of Ruhr European Cultural Capital
18 July at Parc Georges Henri, Brussels
19 Sept. at Parc De La Porte de Hal, Brussels

IN 2009
30 May in Châteauneuf-Sur-Loire, F
+ 06 June at Mainvilliers et Luce, F
organize by www.cultureocentre.fr

IN 2007
02 and 03 June at organize by www.cultureocentre.fr Orleans, F
23 Sept. at “Dansa al Parc Del Clot” Festival in the frame of “Mercè” Festival, Barcelona, Spain

IN 2006
26 February at www.culturgest.pt Lisbon, PT
03 and 04 March at Teatro Averiense, PT
07 and 08 March at Teatro Municipal de Guarda, PT
29 June at www.julidans.com festival, Amsterdam, NL
15 Sept. at “Festival International De Marionetas” Porto, PT

IN 2005
13 August at “Zomer Van Antwerp” Festival, B
05 Nov. in Palmela
+ 06 Nov. at Auditorio Municipal Augusto Cabrita in Barreiro
+ 12 Nov. at CC Entroncamento
organize by www.artemrede.pt

IN 2004
27 March at CC Brabant Wallon, Court-Saint-Etienne, B
11 July at CC Roeselare, B
From 02 till 05 June at “Berner Tanztage” Festival, Bern, Switzerland

IN 2003
25 and 26 April at Rosas Performance Space, Brussels, B
17 May at GC Maelbeek, Brussels, B
13 June at “Printemps eXtra Large” Festival, Brussels, B
6, 9 and 11 July + 08, 10, 23 August at “Zomer Van Antwerp” Festival, B
12 Sept. at OC de Spoele, Zwevegem, B
13 Sept. at Vooruit, Ghent, B
20 Sept. at Kortrijk Schouwburg, B
21 Sept. at CC De Spil, Roeselare, B
26 Sept. at CC Het Bolwerk, Vilvoorde, B
29 Sept. at Salle Georges Roland, Ath, B
12 Oct. at CC Genk, B
24 Oct. at “Bis-Arts” Festival at Palais Des Beaux Arts, Charleroi, B
27 Dec. at Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels, B


07 Oct. 2006 at Rosas Performance Space, B
14 and 21 Oct. 2006 at “La Tentacion” Brussels, B
26 April 2007 at La Ferme de Bierau, Louvain La Neuve, B
02 June 2007 at Campo Santo, Orleans F, organize by www.cultureocentre.fr
26 and 29 June 2007 at www.leidsepleintheaters.nl festival Amsterdam, NL


19 Nov. 2003 at Museum of Natural Sciences Brussels, B
14 and 16 February 2004 at Museum of Natural Sciences Brussels, B
04 Oct. 2009 at “BRXL Bravo” festival, Brussels, B
09 July 2011 at "Lugar a Dança" festival, Lisbon, Portugal www.voarte.com
08 september 2013 at Parc Tournay Solvay, 1170 Brussels. PiQNiQBruxelicious at Bal's in the Park


Le bal moderne Press Reviews
A. S. Vers L’Avenir. 30-10-03
“(…) Entertainment, human touch and hilarities prevail when it’s question of put our one’s tongue for his partner, one of the choreographical gesture”

TV Luxembourg intreview in french

L'Avenir Belgium. 29 - 02 - 12
For nearly two hours, all dance lovers gathered for the pleasure of dancing together in a warm and festive atmosphere. During this afternoon, everyone, regardless of age, has had the opportunity to learn some choreography under the direction of talented choreographers.

Festival Facyl. Salamanca en directo. June 2012
Despite the heat of Salamanca, audience are encouraged to participate and showed that the rhythm and the desire to dance know no age. In fact, the dances were designed to whoever wished to participate, although had no knowledge of dance.