la traversee

"La Traversée" (the crossing) a performance in dance and objects theatre.

Two people go to a beach where they find a large transparent sheet. Attracted by this material, they begin to explore it. This invites them to dive into a journey in which this aerial and aquatic material, sometimes becomes an ally, sometimes an enemy.
This experience will transform them as well as their vision and their use of this element.

In a poetic and visual way, this piece evokes our relationship with plastic and the problem of pollution in our oceans.


This highly visual and graphic work produces a scenography that is always surprising and constantly evolving, because the main element remains the movement, both of the artists and of the material with which they evolve.

If we play indoors or in the evening outdoors, we use video projections and/or lighting on the plastic. This reinforces the poetic and dreamlike aspects of the piece, creating an extraordinary moment.


For general audiences. Schools and families welcome!

Outdoors and indoors

Our tours are highly green and sustainable thanks to our light logistic and simple technical needs (small teams, costumes and props in only 1 suitcase of 23kg).


★ Formulas between 5 and 25 minutes
It can be play several times a day

★ Can also take the form of a long-term installation.

★ This project can be teached to your local audience and/or artists and it will performed by them.


★ With the same team, we can also propose you:

interactive and participatory dances with the spectators

creative workshops in stage arts for adults and children with final public presentation


For our travel expenses outside Belgium by WBI- Wallonia Brussels export agency

The Belgian and French Embassies and the French institutes and alliances have also supported us.


Direction, choreography: Jordi L. Vidal
Performers: Yasmine Lindskog and Mylena Leclercq
Props, costumes: Noelle Deckmyn
Photos: Matthias Walton, Jim Kroft
Video: Matthias Walton, David Noblet
Graphic designer: Emilie Eechaute

Coproduction:  "Het Lab" Cultureel Centrum Hasselt

Creation residencies: Up circus & performing arts, MCA-CAR Centre d'arts de la rue, Maison des Cultures de Molenbeek, GC De Kroon Belgium

With the support of #ProgramaVENTANA – AECID and the Cultural and Scientific Council of the Spanish Embassy in Belgium and EUNIC Berlin



la traversee Videos
la traversee (public spaces)

la traversee (outdoors)

Agenda la traversee

December 2021
Creation laboratory / audition
At Espace Catastrophe Brussels, Belgium

January, February 2022
Creation residency
At Het Lab Cultureel Centrum Hasselt, Belgium

May 2022
Creation residency
at Maison Cultures Molenbeek Brussels, Belgium

June 2022
Creation residency
at GC De Kroon Brussels, Belgium

04th June 2022 work in progress presentation
Babylon Europa Britzer Garten, Betlin, Germany
as part of EUNIC activities

Sept. 2022
Creation residency and work in progress presentation
Festival Play Maison de Cultures de Molenbeek Brussels, Belgium

09th 2022
Pitch presentation
At Latitude 50, Marchin, Belgium
Program at Moments de cirque

21st Oct. 2023
at House of european history Brussels
as part of Museum Night Fever

Oct 2023 Creation residency
at GC Het Huys Brussels

Oct 2023 Creation residency
at GC De Markten Brussels

29 / 10 till 05/12 2023
at Daliangshan International Theatre Festival, Xichang, China

Retake, rehearsals. March 2024
Cirqu conflex Brussels

21st April 2024
at Fete Des Fleurs, Brussels, Belgium

17th May 2024
MILL museum La Louvière, Belgium

28th June 2024
Festival Freestyle Lab Théâtre de la Vie, Brussels, Belgium