Here and now

Contemporary Dance / Physical Theatre

In everybody’s life, nothing happens with a “normal” or “natural” pattern. An action as simple as it occurs can bring others outcomes or events (such as anticipating frustration). The opportunity given by taking a real second thought (chance) put in advance all our loving (and loving) archetypes. That’s why we explore though our work the read – in- between, perceiving the movement and its logic hidden behind the motion.

Choreography: Jordi L. Vidal in collaboration with the performers

Concept and dramaturgy: Jordi L. Vidal in collaboration with François-Xavier Randour.

Performers and stage text: Catherine Raverdy and Sandra Vincent

It was created thanks to Espace Catastrophe, Brussels and was perform at his “C’est Du Jamais Vu 1999” and “Pistes De lancement 2000” festivals.

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Frederic Borja. El Sol de Bélgica. 16-03-00
“It’s a delightful debate, elevated by Vidal choreography’s sensibility and his ingenious text”