For schools / Pour les écoles

Weekly workshops based on our show "Chrysalis"

Dance, rhythm and physical theater, the use of materials, ropes, papers ... So many tools and textures for children to play with, experience, embody, to reflect a rainbow of feelings and emotions.

The teachers are Vania D'Angelo and Mariano Bolfarini. They lead children on paths of artistic creativity, through playful improvisations, movement and sensorial discoveries that are spread out (or “that unfold”, choose one option!) over time.

Through these workshops, children will develop ways to express themselves other than through words. They will become aware of their body’s form, emotions and language, through the body in movement.

Here's a fantastic opportunity to open the doors and bring culture into the schools.

Audience: Children age 7 years and upwards.

Workshops can be given in French, Dutch, Spanish and English

Nathalie Sparino Theatre Montagne Magique, Brussels
Paulette Winand, Director of the School Arc-en-Ciel Saint-Josse-ten-Node, Brussels

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Final presentation workshops school

Chrysalides participatory creation at the schools from Jordi L. Vidal on Vimeo.