Flash Mobs

Participatory project with the local population.

Created and led by Jordi L. Vidal

The Flash Mob is intended for everyone who will to share a moment of creativity and fun together. For this, no need to be a professional dancer or have any training!

The Flash Mob is based on a simple and playful dance created especially for the occasion.
It is above all an artistic project and at the same time popular. A professional choreographer, while affordable, will have created the dance. This will guarantee the quality and the good level to the whole.

There is no skill required and no age barrier. Everyone can find his account and feel at ease: the different movements that are proposed are balanced and simple learning. The Flash Mob includes everyone, even if they come alone to the event.

The choreography will first be taught to a group, recruited by the organizers from the local population. They will serve as a reference and motivation to the audience to join them and dance during the Flash Mob.

At the event, the choreographer, from an elevated podium, will teach the dance in ten minutes to all the public in joy and good humour.
He will guide them in their movements and accompany them so that no one feels lost. Everything will be done to motivate the participation of everyone.
We are far away from the formal side of a dance class and it is by no means a competition.

The principle is to promote team spirit that supports and stimulates itself.

At the end of Flash Mob, participants will be invited to indulge in their own dance in a festive and casual atmosphere.

Flash Mobs Pictures
Flash Mobs Videos
Flash Mob Festival Sortileges

Flash Mob Festival Sortileges from Jordi L. Vidal on Vimeo.

Support for refugees

Agenda Flash Mobs

02 September 2018
At Festival Mouvements de Rue Sedan, France

10 May 2018
In the frame of Festival Sortileges Ath, Belgium

27 September 2015
Flash mob in the frame of the manifestation for refugees rights
Organise by Plateforme Refugies BXL