fall 2014

Support for Ooups tour crowdfunding campaign

For what?
Your contribution will help us to cover some of our costs in order to be able to attend the very prestigious and important http://www.kulturboerse-freiburg.de stage arts market, in Freiburg Germany, from 27 till 29 January 2015, where we are selected to participate.

This great opportunity will allow us to get representations dates / gigs and thus, to engage regularly the artistic team in order that they can make a decent living from their profession.
As well to solidify the existence of our small company (although very dynamic and professional)

Without your help, we will not be able to participate... and it may be the end of our great show...

How to help us?
Please, visit the crowdfunding web link
There you will find all modalities to support us

In advance, a huge thanks you for your help and your attention to this project.
Best regards
Jordi L. Vidal’s company