CV Jordi

Languages GB, FR, SP, CAT and notions of PT, IT, NL

Catalan choreographer, stage director and performer, he has the precisely timed legs of a Lippizaner and the irresistible appeal of a carrousel.

He is trained in:
• ballet, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, choreographic composition…
• various dramatic techniques (Stanislavski, Physical Theatre, Clown, Masque Neutre, Corporal Mime, Object Theatre…)
• and he was Guest Dancer at Folkwang Hoschchule, Essen.

Since 1988 his artistic development has been influenced by several trainings programmes:
• Technique, Aspects & Emotional Analysis of Communication on Process, Non-Violent Communication (NVC), Ways of Managing Conflicts, AT with the coach-therapist François-Xavier Randour;
• Limón technique with Michou Swennen;
• Feldendrais technique with Sylvie Storme;
• Physiological Chains technique with Alain D’Ursel.

Jordi has collaborated in more than 25 different productions with:
Thierry Smits, Mossoux-Bonte, Michèle Noiret, Maria Clara Villa Lobos, Zeca Nunes, Ron Bunzl, Feri De Geus, Gonnie Heggen, Alvaro De La Pena, The Chanclettes, Constanza Macras…
with whom he made more than 300 performances.

In the past 30 years he is also active as a dance & physical theatre guest teacher for artists in the fields of dance, theatre, street theatre, clown… among others, at:
Summer Studios/Rosas-Parts, Flanders Royal Ballet School, ESAC; Canaldanse Paris; NRW Tanzhaus Dusseldorf, Tanzfabriek and Dock 11 Berlin; La Faktoria Pamplona…

"Alamor" dance and puppetry: "An Encounter" dance and floor acrobatics; “OOups!” circus and urban culture; “Chrysalis” dance and acrobatics; “Oxymoron” dance and clown; « Art!stik-Labor » with Aquanaut circus and Ensemble Marges ; « I’m Fine, Thank you ! " ; « Piano Fortissimo » « Le Nombril Du Monde » at Espace Catastrophe; « Gopher Mambo Xtra » for Le Bal Moderne/Rosas-Parts; « Taïteul » with La Scabreuse circus, and many others.

With more than 600 performances already all over Europe and around the world (Moroco, Philippines, Brazil, Mali…) his creations have been presented at: Ferme du Buisson, Halles De Schaerbeek, deSingel Antwerpen, MiraMiro, Chassepierre, Mercat De Les Flors Barcelona, Culturgest, Berner Tanztage, Julidans, Spoffin… and maybe soon near you.

He also develops and creates site specific and tailor made works (indoors and outdoors).

His creative horizon extends to all the arts. Jordi has experience in multidisciplinary work, combining movement with chamber music ensembles, circus and street theatre companies, video creations and art installations.

CV Jordi References

We truly thank your participation and presence. It was a great pleasure to re-join with you and once again take part in your beautiful creations. Chrysalis and Instinctive Dance really brought a very special light into Lugar à Dança, the kind of light people forever integrate in their potential creative minds. Saudade e um Muito Obrigado! Warm Wishes”
Ana Rita Barata, Pedro Sena Nunes (Artistic Direction) Voarte, Lisbon, Portugal

“Jordi’s curiosity, adaptability lead him to “confront” himself to others ways of expression and furthermore to extremely varied audience. What I like most in its artistic and educational processes is his will to make contemporary dance open to everyone. Jordi prove to be a real benefit for our organisation. He uses his artistic, human and communicative capacities in proper application.”
Catherine Magis, artistic director of Espace Catastrophe, Brussels.

“Jordi L. Vidal occupies a unique position on the Belgian dance scene. His work is achingly funny, knowing, alternately po-faced and hilariously camp. Yet he still carries the weight of a “straight faced” choreographer in the rigour of his work’s execution and the depth of its research and detail. Through audaciously mixing disciplines and genre and daring to be overtly comic, this Barcelona born artist manages to turn our ‘Belgian’ preconceptions about contemporary dance/art on their head, awaking us, the audience, to a whole new gamut of sensations, permitting a refreshingly different set of reactions. Vidal possesses the art of a true jester – not for him the custard pie and the slapstick slide (although it’s sure he’d perform them impeccably) he is more the purveyor of subtle and not often unkind jibes at the foibles of humankind and the culture in which we live. With great gusto and a mix of deceptive wide-eyed innocence and incisive irony, Vidal manages to dance on that precarious line between ‘high art’ for the mind and ‘human art’ for the heart’.”
Oonagh Duckworth,
Artistic director of « Le Bal Moderne»

« How to combine successfully dance, improvisation and clown? With a great lightness and fun we can appreciate how the precise dance technique applied to daily movements can create emotion through a clever use of the humour, producing a very well dosed cocktail that leaves audience a pleasant and surprising taste »
Andrea Tamagnini
Artistic director of Calanchi festival San Marino

“To see Vidal is a full and unique pleasure. A dancer but, not as other ones. He takes here the appearance of Mister-every-day, a bit naïf but full of good will, replacing in the last minute the unfortunate “danseur etoile”. Curious mix of contemporary dance, physical theatre and clown techniques, this peculiar performance base itself on the spontaneity of the movement, the every day gestures and the sensations felt by one and all in a situation of having to perform in front of an audience. Using the art of evocation of an emotional state by small signs and not expressing it in a realistic way, the partition that Vidal proposes invites the audience personal interpretation and imagination to open up.
This international artist, offer a personal chorographical scope that is as surprising as exciting. His “Piano Fortissimo” is tender, moving, shining and funny.”
Jeanne Pigeon
Artistic director of La Montagne Magique BXL