Acrobacy and dance duo based on the evolution of a couple... The meeting, the passion, the heartbreaks, the birth of a child... Everything passes (or goes away) and returns... on the thread of a rope that is tied and unravels in sculpture... but with a softness and a tenderness that will not leave anyone indifferent... or unharmed.

This visual, poetic show without text, has been played more than 120 times, charming spectators in more than 15 countries around the world. (eg.Brazil, Mali, Morocco, Europe)

Vania D'Angelo or Ellen Cobbaert (dancer, acrobat)
Kevin Troussart (acrobat, dancer, juggler)
Jordi L. Vidal (choreographer, stage director and project leader)
Christophe Lecoq (sound and lights)
Nicolas Simon (video)

Street version (20 minutes, 2 times a day) and indoor version (1 hour) adaptable to outdoors and indoors. The duration of the versions can vary according to the needs of the program.

It has a light technical rider that can be easily adapted to different spaces.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary nature it can be part of a street theatre, circus, festival or dance program, for any kind of audience or school.

Its approach allows introducing the combination of dance and circus in an accessible way to a wide audience sometimes not used to it.

Our projects receive support for our travel expenses outside Belgium from WBI - Wallonie Bruxelles International

With the support in Belgium of: Espace Catastrophe, La Roseraie, Maison de La Création, CAR Ath, La Maison Du Cirque, “Aide à la Création” Service Du Cirque Arts de la Rue and "Tournées Art et Vie" Service de la Diffsuion CFWB, Latitude 50, SACD, Charleroi-Danses Centre Chorégraphique, WBTD-Wallonie Bruxelles Théâtre Danse, Théâtre Montagne Magique

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Chrysalis Videos
Chrysalis street version

TEASER : CHRYSALIS - street version rue / calle from Jordi L. Vidal on Vimeo.

Chrysalis extrait: Indoor version

Agenda Chrysalis

With more than 120 performances realized so far, our show has already charmed many European venues as well as performances in Morocco, Brazil, Philippines and Mali.


15 April 2015 at 12:30pm et 5:30pm
Praça de Giraldo, Evora, Portugal
at Festival Danca Contemporanea

24 May 2015 at 5pm
at Festival Mix Terres Blois, France

25, 26 July 2015
Festival OMAC, Paredes de Coura Paredes, Portugal



25 May 2014
Festival La Fete aux Pieds, Evreux, Normandie, France

14 and 15 June 2014
At International Theatre Festival, Sibiu, Romania

11 July 2014
at Watch This Space Festival National Theatre London, UK

12 and 13 July 2014
at Festival Month of The Tyne Tynemouth, UK

05 Septembre 2014
at Festival Les Deboussolades, Lons en Saunier, Franche Comte, France

IN 2013
- 22, 24 March Festival Sao Paolo, Brazil
- 05 July Festival Bilbao, Spain
- 13 July Festival Bitume, La Roche en Ardennes, Belgium
- 14 July Festival Les Eclectiques, Carvin, Nord Pas de Calais, France
- 09 August Festival En Bastides, Villefranche-de-Rouergue, Midi Pyrénees, France
- 13 August Festival Nuits Romanes, Bonneuil-Matours, Poitou-Charentes, France
- 17, 18 August, Straßenzirkus unterwegs… in Rotenburg, Germany
- 15 September, Maison Folie Beaulieu, Lomme, Nord Pas de Calais, France
- 22 September CC Belgica, Dendermonde, Belgium

IN 2012
- 05 May Festival Arts de la Rue d'Anderlecht, Brussels
- 27 May Festival Helmond, The Netherlands
- 03 June Festival "Fete des Fleurs" CC La Venerie, Brussels
- 05, 06, 07 July Festival Purmerend, The Netherlands
- 14, 15 July Festival “Watch This Space” National Theatre London UK
- 19, 20, 21, 22 July Festival OFF Chalons Sur Saone, France
- 18, 19 august at Festival "Dansen In T'Park", Gent, Belgium
- 31 august and 01 sept at Festival "Mouvements de Rue", Sedan, France
- 20 october "Entre Sort" organize by Furies, Châlons-en-Champagne, France

IN 2011
- 01, 02, 03 february at "Aperçus de Cirque" Salle Bissectine in the frame of OFF Entrevues. Brussel
- 16 April at 3pm and 4:45pm behind Sainte Catherine Church, Brussels.
- 18 June at festival Brussels
- 19 June at "Supervoisins" festival at Brussels
- 25 and 26 June at Belgium
- 09, 10 july at "Lugar A Dança" festival Lisbonne, Portugal
- 21, 22, 23 July at festival Linz, Austria
- 25, 26 July at the street festival of Villach, Austria
- 17, 18 August in Roermond, The Netherlands
- 19, 20, 21 August at festival "Wacht This Space - National Theatre London"
- 28 august at festival Herve, Belgium
- 05, 06 Sept. at festival Germany
- 08 Sept. at "FIAV" festival, Casablanca, Morocco
- 04 nov. at "Dense Bamako Dense" Mali, Africa

IN 2010
- 25 and 26 September at “Fetes Romanes” festival at Centre Culturel Woluwe, Brussels, Belgium
- 28 and 29 August at the festival in Amersfoort, The Netherlands
- 21 and 22 August at the festival in Chassepierre Belgium
- 13, 14, 15 august at La Strada Festival Bremen Germany
- 08 August at the festival in Ulft, The Netherlands
- 23 and 24 July at festival, Ghent Belgium
- 12, 13, 14 July at "Danza Calles" Festival organize by Madrid Spain
- 20, 21, 22, 23 May at Festival NL
- 13 May at "Sortilèges" Festival Ath Belgium
- 03 and 04 April at Ieper Belgium
- 05 and 13 March at festival Brussels
- 25 February at Ghent Belgium
- 23 February at Brussels
- 23 January at Brussels
IN 2009
- 18, 19 Dec. at Brussels


IN 2016
12 March 2016
Indoor version salle / sala
SM Samsung Hall Manila, Philippines

14 March 2016
Indoor version salle / sala
Lycee Francais Manila, Philippines

06 Nov 2016
Indoor version salle / sala
Theatre Le Moderne Liège, Belgium

IN 2014
- 10 February at Theatre Municipale Agen, Aquitaine, France

IN 2013
- 20 March Festival Brazilia, Brazil
- 23 March Festival Iberoamericano, Sao Paolo, Brazil

IN 2012
- 12 and 13 January for schools and 14 January for all kind of audience, at Brussels
- 27 april at "Festival Universitaire de Théâtre" Marrakech, Marocco

IN 2011
- 28 dec. at Espace Senghor Brussels, Belgium
- 05 nov. at "Dense Bamako Danse" Mali, Africa
- 09 sept. at "FIAV" festival in Casablanca, Morocco
- 24 August at Festival « Feria de Teatro de Castilla y Leon » Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain
- 14 July at festival "Donderdagen" in Ninove, Belgium

IN 2010
- 10 Nov. at Brussels, Belgium
- 20 Nov in the frame of Humorologie Contest at CC Deurne Antwerpen, Barcelona, Spain

Chrysalis Press Reviews

"a very beautiful and emotional performance"
Festival Miramiro. Gentblog

"So beautiful and poetic that I had tears in my eyes!"
Festival Chassepierre. Cultive-Moi

"Chrysalis, or when circus becomes poetry. Between dance and acrobatics, it’s absolutely a show worth discovering!"
Festival Hopla Brussels. L'agenda, L'Avenir

"Softness, tenderness and emotion that captivated the audience"
Feria De Teatro de Ciudad Rodrigo. Cesar Garcia. Punto Radio

"A feast for the eyes"
Festival Chalon Dans La Rue, Le Journal de Saône-et-Loire, France

"Emotional moment with Cie Jordi L. Vidal, who has "told" us a love story. Simply beautiful"
L'Union Champagne Ardennes. France

"A surprising spectacle centered around a rope that connects, separates, captures and brings together a love duet. Many visitors to the flea market took a break to watch the original performance"
La Voix du Nord, Maison Folie Lomme, France

“I had the chance to see Chrysalis this afternoon with my daughters aged 4 and 6. We loved it. Congratulations to you and the dancers. And thank you for this wonderful time. Good luck.”
Veronique Thyberghien. RTBF radio presenter

« Highly-emotional (…) they wowed the audience » Philippines

Press reviews in their original language