Bal Moderne press review

A. S. Vers L’Avenir. 30-10-03
“(…) Entertainment, human touch and hilarities prevail when it’s question of put our one’s tongue for his partner, one of the choreographical gesture”

TV Luxembourg intreview in french

L'Avenir Belgium. 29 - 02 - 12
"For nearly two hours, all dance lovers gathered for the pleasure of dancing together in a warm and festive atmosphere. During this afternoon, everyone, regardless of age, has had the opportunity to learn some choreography under the direction of talented choreographers."

Festival Facyl. Salamanca en directo. June 2012
"Despite the heat of Salamanca, audience are encouraged to participate and showed that the rhythm and the desire to dance know no age. In fact, the dances were designed to whoever wished to participate, although had no knowledge of dance."