Contemporary Circus / Dance / Chamber Music performance

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“To test reality we must see it on the tight-rope.”
Together on stage, eleven performers bring a dialogue between human relation ships and music, that will open new horizontals and verticals in your mind, playing along with aerial acrobatics, contortion and physical theatre.

Artistic direction: Peter Helmut Lang, Patrycja Krupa, Jordi L. Vidal
Choreography/Stage direction: Jordi L. Vidal

Finn Jagd Andersen (DK/CH) and Patrycja Krupa (PL/D) – aerial tissue, dance
Mika Netser (CH) – ring trapeze, dance
David Vossen (B/D) and Jordi L. Vidal (E/B) – dance, physical theatre

Composers: Peter Helmut Lang, Johannes K. Hildebrandt, Hubert Hoche, Andres Maupoint, Diego Uzal

Musicians: Elizaveta Birjukova (flute), Anna Bellmann (violin), Samuel T. Klemke (guitar), Katharina Mittelstaedt (violoncello), Natasa Srdic (piano)

Created thanks to the Thuringer Culture Ministry and the city of Weimar grants Germany and the help of Espace Catastrophe Brussels B

Art!stik-Labor Videos

ART!stik Labor from Samuel T. Klemke on Vimeo.

Agenda Art!stik-Labor
International Cultural Festival “Junge Kunst” Volkenroda Germany 2008
Reithaus Weimar Germany 2009
Volksbad Jena Germany 2009
Wandelhalle Eisenach Germany 2010
Mon Ami Weimar Germany 2011
Art!stik-Labor Press Reviews

Thüringer Allgemeine 18-08-2008
“The combination of experimental music with perfect body control and theatrical power of expression created a symbiosis between the apparently contrary elements of music and staged performance and united them into a harmonious whole.”

Anna Schürmer. Thüringer Landeszeitung 18.11.2008
Yet those, who already had the opportunity to see the circus performance with contemporary music in August as part of the 7th international culture festival Junge Kunst in the Christus Pavillon at the Monastery Volkenroda, know of the captivating effect of this unusual project.