"Alamor" an original, touching and lively performance with dance and puppet, that tells about an extraordinary encounter.

With the two protagonists and the puppet, we travel with tenderness in a dreamlike world, with joy and conflict, with dreams and humour.

The music resonates with the visual approach of the show in an intimate dance of emotions.

★ This show is really improved thanks to its international tour and its more than 75 performances made successfully!

★ Non verbal

★ For everyone! For school sessions from 7 years old

★ Indoors, outdoors, public spaces
Various formats between 5 and 40 minutes
We can play it several times a day

★ Our tours are highly green and sustainable thanks to our light logistic and simple technical needs (small teams, costumes and props in only 1 suitcase of 23kg).

★ We also propose creative workshops for children and adults with final public presentation

★ Supports:
• For our travel expenses outside Belgium by WBI
• The Belgian and French Embassies and the French institutes and alliances have also supported us.


Composition of the artistic team:
• Performers: Despina Psymarnou and Julie Querre alternating Yasmine Linsdkog
• Direction, choreography and project leader: Jordi L. Vidal
• Music composition:  Virginie Tasset
• Music recording:  Eugénie Defraigne, Mathieu Calant and Virginie Tasset
• Puppet: Marie Ghislaine Losseau
• Costumes, props, set: Noelle Deckmyn
• Light and sound: Matthieu Calant
• Choreography and dramaturgy assistant: Michèle Swennen
• Video: David Noblet, Matthias Walton, Silvia Marazzi
• Photos: Nicolas Clement, Loic Boon, Matthias Walton, Dasa Knerova
• Graphic design: Léa Gaeta, Silvia Marazzi

It has been supported by Up circus & performing arts, WBI-Wallonie Bruxelles International, WBTD-Wallonie Bruxelles Théâtre Danse, SACD Belgium, centre belge UNIMA

Co-production: Service de l'Interdisciplinaire, Culture Ministry, FWB Belgium.

Residencies of creation: Up circus & performing arts, La Roseraie, Compagnie La Casquette, Theatre Montagne Magique, Maison de la Création BXL Nord, Archipel 19/ CC Le Fourquet, Maison de la Marionnnette, Cirqu'conflex, Institut Dalcroze, CC Chênée Belgium.

Thanks to: Italia Gaeta, Mariano Bolfarini, François-Xavier Randour, Flora Gaudin, Susanne Bentley, Aurélie Beyaert, Trinidad Lopez Vidal, Anne Fraiture, Montse Guisbert, Margaux Vandervelden, Frédéric Philippe and Ikram Haltout

Alamor Videos
Alamo dance and puppetry

Alamor dance and puppetry #1 from Jordi L. Vidal on Vimeo.

Alamor oudoors public spaces

Alamor outdoors public spaces from Jordi L. Vidal on Vimeo.

Agenda Alamor


Coming performances /
prochaines représentations /
Proximas representaciones

16th, 17th and 18th Mai 2024
at Umore Azoka International street festival, Leioa, Spain

Pending / Option / Por confirmar
July 2024. Dates TBC Alamor
Park Poetik Brussels




Performances realized /
représentations réalisées /
Representaciones realizadas

30 June 2017
Presentation of a short form at Cie La Casquette Brussels

15 December 2017
Presentation of a short form at Espace Catastrophe Brussels

16 December 2017
Presentation of a short form at Try art cafe Brussels

21 March 2018
Presentation of a short form at Maison de la Marionnette Tournai, Belgium

25 and 26 April 2018
For schools at La Roseraie Brussels

04 May 2018
For schools at CC Le Fourquet Brussels

26 August 2018
At Unimage festival Liege, Belgium

27 April 2019
At Villers Cotterets, France

15 and 15 June 2019
At Szene Waldviertel Horn, Austria

05 October 2019
At Festival Les Tailleurs Ecaussinnes, Belgium.

13 February 2020
Presentation of a short form
As part of M-collectif cabaret at CC Jacques Franck, Brussels, Belgium

26th June 2021
Presentation of a short form
As part of M-collectif cabaret in Saint Gilles, Brussels, Belgium

23rd, 24th and 25th Sept. 2021
Program OFF street / rue
at Festival Mondial Marionnettes Charleville Mezieres, France

7th and 8th May 2022
As part of the European Festival JEM
at Theatre Peruchet Brussels, Belgium

14th and 15th May 2022
As part of Parcours d'Artistes de Saint Gilles, Belgium

12th July 2022
At Chateau de Deulin, Belgium
Organize by Miroir Vagabond

17th August 2022
Zomer Quartier d'été Homborch Uccle-Ukkel, Belgium

04th Sept. 2022
Saintes en fête Belgium

23rd Sept. 2022
MCA centre arts de la rue Ath, Belgium

07th Oct. 2022
Semaine de la Francophonie, Suceava, Romania

09th Oct. 2022
at festival international for young audiences Tanar Iasi, Romania

21st January 2023
At CC Chenee Belgium

06th February 2023
At CC Riches Claires Brussels, Belgium

18th March 2023
At 04th edition of Carthage Puppetry arts days (JAMC)

28th May 2023
Zoom art CC Rixensart, Belgium

12th Sept. 2023
La Roseraie Brussels

19th Sept. 2023
At Salle Le Bateau Ivre MCL Ma Bohème
Programme OFF salle, Charleville-Mèzières, France

14th Oct 2023
International A-festival Tartu, Estonia


Alamor Press Reviews


"They impressed the public with their puppet"  L'Ardennais, France

"In the expert hands of the two artists, the puppet comes to life" FMTM, Charleville Mezieres, France

Award: Unanimously awarded by the jury of the call Public Space Parcours d'Artistes Saint Gilles, Belgium