cv victor launay

Victor Launay began dancing with Max Bozzoni and then joined the CNR Boulogne followed by the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse in Paris in the ballet section before joining the Junior Ballet in Aquitaine in 2003.Then 2 years later, he went to the Ecole-Atelier Rudra Béjart. He has worked regularly with the CCN de Nantes and, at the same time, with other choreographers.

In 2010 he became part of the founding team for the Opinion Public dance company where he performs in all of its productions. He worked with Etienne Béchard on "Cupidon s'en fout ..." with the Ballet du Rhin and contributed to the Opinion Public group choreography for "Mr. Follower", "Arcadia", “Aeterna” and “Rocking Chair”.

In 2014 he set up "Les Vikings" company, with the duet Etreinte. In the same year, he won two second prizes at the Synodales de Sens Competition and the Certamen de Burgos New York.

The following year, he produced "l'Aveuglement", which won first prize at the Certamen de Burgos New York and the special Biarritz award at the Synodales competition and Competition of Bern konzert theater bern. At the same time, the company created "Bajo Los Arboles" for the Balleto di Siena in Italy (2015) and "Historia de un segundo" for Dantzaz in Spain (2016), and Einstein in Bern ( 2018)

He also collaborated on the puppet show production, "L'enfant perdu" in France with the company Via Verde. In 2017, it won first prize at the Bern competition and produced for the Konzert Theater Bern the following year.