cv anthony lefebvre

Anthony LEFEBVRE has been an acrobat since 2004.
Trained as a gymnast, he turned to contemporary dance and circus during his university studies and obtained a Bachelor degree in "Motor Skills education - physical and artistic activities."

His career as a circus performer began thanks to his meeting Guy Alloucherie and Co. Hendrick Van Der Zee, playing in their shows in 2004.
He developed a practice of floor acrobatics, based on breathing and fluent jumping.
He shared his work through workshops (CRAC / Lomme, Regards and Movements / Pontempeyrat, festival Circa / Auch, Channel / national theater of Calais ...).

Anthony enriched and perfected his acrobatic work by participating in various workshops: contemporary dance with Joelle Bouvier, clown with Joel Colas and Jacques Motte, Butoh with Sarah Duthille, Viewpoints with Melissa Baker ... Through his physicality, he sought the unity between circus, dance and theatre and developed "a form of acrodance." Alongside that, he learned acrobatics partnering, amongst others with Abdeliazide Senhadji and Mahmoud Louertani (CIE XY), and then integrated it into street theatre scenes.

After three years of internationally touring with Cie OFF, he continued his research by developing an acrobatic duo "The rest we'll talk ..." (2011) with the Osmonde Cie. Then, he toured throughout France with Opera productions, including the famous “Carmen” at the Opera Bastille (2012).
He also assisted with the staging of Jacques Livchine (Théâtre de l’Unité) and Didier Ruiz, and he has collaborated amongst others, with Laurent Chanel (Co. RNA), David Roland ...

He has also been a performer for Gildas Bourdet, Yves Beaunesnes Berangere Janelle, Jean Gaudin, Olivier Dubois, Gorgio Barberio Corsetti ... and finally he was integrated into the Jordi L. Vidal company in 2013.