After the apple

Circus / Music / Physical Theatre / Dance

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The Aquanaut Company was founded by Patrycja Krupa in 2005. Its members are artists: acrobats, jugglers, dancers, actors, mimes…and musicians of different European countries (Poland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain…) The idea of international company is built via a network of artists of different artistic disciplines in order to create multiple exchanges and the explosion of new ideas.

Artistic direction: Patrycja Krupa
Music direction: Peter Lang
Choreography/Stage direction: Jordi L. Vidal
Assistant: Kira Kay

Performers: Lena Mair et Rosalie Strebkow (vertical rope), Leila Köckenberger (juggling/acrobatics), Conny Schneider (trapeze), Martin Schlicht (clown), Janne Gregor (pantomime), Verena Hehl (dance), Henriette Aarup (handstand), Manda Rydman (ring-trapeze), Regina Simmert (rope)

Musicians: Christian Schaden (bass, mohan weena), Peter Lang (piano), Tim Helbig (drums, percussion), Mattheuw Schreiber (accordion), Conny Schneider (saxophone)

Video: TomBen Guischard
Photos: Gordon Welters

This project was open air representations on June 07 and visited the ports of the septentrional Germany and southernmost Denmark (Flensburg, Grasten, Sonderborg, Faaborg, Svendborg, Aeroskobong, Kappeln) via a boat, which was used like stage and as vehicle of voyage.

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