Adventures in planet love


It is the new creation of our company.

An original and dynamic performance that combines floor acrobatics, contemporary dance and physical theatre.

This project explore the diversity of romantic encounters in order to bring light on our prejudices, to overcome them and create bridges and better living together.

Visual and non-verbal
For all kind of audiences. Schools welcome!

Outdoors and indoors
Itinerant or static depending where we play

★ Formulas between 5 and 60 minutes
It can be play several times a day

★ Complement: interactive dance workshop with the audience

★ Very light technical rider
Costumes and props in only 1 baggage (it doesn’t need to be freighted)

★ We also propose creative stage arts workshops for adults and children.

For our travel expenses outside Belgium by WBI- Wallonia Brussels export agency
The Belgian and French Embassies and the French institutes and alliances have also supported us.

Concept, direction, choreography: Jordi L. Vidal
Performers: Julie Querre, Youri De Gussem, Victor Launay
Costumes, props and set: Noelle Deckmyn
Choreography coach: Michou Swennen
Photos and video: Mattias Walton

Cooproduction: "Het Lab" Cultureel Centrum Hasselt, Culturecultuur1060 Sint Gillis/Saint Gilles, Belgium

Creation residencies: La Roseraie, Espace Catastrophe, Institut Dalcroze, Foyer Populaire CC Court Saint Etienne, Cirqu'conflex, Belgium

With the support of SACD Belgium and Hart voor Kunstenaars fonds - Artists United & UAS, WBTD-Wallonie Bruxelles Théâtre Danse

Please, feel free to pass this message to your contacts and social networks. Thank you! Heel bedankt! LABORATORY – AUDITION with JORDI L. VIDAL’s company This laboratory - audition is a meeting ...
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Adventures in planet love

Agenda Adventures in planet love

November and December 2020
Street version creation residency
Het Lab Cultureel Centrum Hasselt, Belgium

April 2021
Street version creation residency
Institut Dalcroze, Brussels, Belgium

28th April 2021
Online presentation for stage arts organisations
Organise by WBTD- Wallonia Brussels Theatre and Dance
Info and registration at here

May 2021
Creation residency Adventures in Planet Love
At Cirqu conflex Brussels, Belgium

June 2021
Creation residency Adventures in Planet Love
At Foyer Populaire CC Court Saint Etienne, Belgium

10, 11, 12, 13 and 15, 16, 17 June 2021
Street version
At Saint Gilles-Sint Gillis, Belgium

29th August 2021
Street version
At the international children and young festival
Krokus aka Zonnebloem Festival Hasselt, Belgium

17th and 18th September 2021
Street version
At the international street festival
Umore Azoka Leioa, Spain

Pending / En option / Por confirmar
February 2022 Dates TBC
Indoor version creation residency
At Het Lab Cultureel Centrum Hasselt, Belgium

March 2022 Dates TBC
Indoor version Scandinave premiere
at the international children festival
Step Festival Goteborg, Sweden