Modern Dance Training

“The Body: Its Potential and Its Specificities”

Based on the development of each participant’s potential, this course allows for improvement in the learning of dance techniques. It gives them the possibility to discover modern techniques based on a contemporary approach.

The training is done with a positive mindset, in order to encourage the idea that from a “real” interest, desire, motivation…everybody can dances and that any movement is dance.

Having as its base the functioning of the body in movement, this training course is enriched with awareness of the participants’ diverse movement capacities. At the same time this training will enlarge the perception of our own body, while challenging the authority, the organization, the model of someone in motion.

The teaching tools, related to participants’ movement, are amongst others:
- Tension-release, fall and recovery, unsteadiness (states/conditions);
- (re) discovering the suitable energy through flowing movement and breathing
- The importance of weight, its movement and its interactions and enlarge our vision of floor work.
- Being conscious of our spatial trajectory, connection to the environment in terms of space and time
- Rhythm and an energetic flow that I call “dynamics”

This training is enriched by each participant's specificity

The outcomes are that participants will, amongst other things:
- (re) discover their own expression of dance and (re) develop their personality through movement as well as develop their own creative potential.

- know how to how to make the most of a possibly unexplored potential. In the same way, they will have a more open, fine and attentive listening to the messages and needs of their own body.

- be aware of their responsibility for their body’s physical state and daily training, and to acquire a better knowledge of his/her body

- learn, through being present " Here And Now” to connect their imagination to their body’s movement.

- (further) increase their body’s movement spectrum.

- (re) creativity, as well as find new sources of inspiration through their actions.

This training course is based on a personal vision resulting from synthesizing experiences of Limon, Cunningham, Ballet, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Release, Contact Improvisation … techniques, and Jordi’s learning over years of practice and research, both on technical and philosophical levels.


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